4-3-2-1 Leadership

Vinny's first book 4-3-2-1 Leadership - What America's Sons and Daughters Taught Me on My Way from Second Lieutenant to Two-Star General.


“You want to be a better leader? Read this book. It will inspire you, it will motivate you and you will learn what General Boles has lived for 33 years in the military and now as he brings his message to us ‘civilians.’ People matter, you matter, and leaders make people better. This book is a great investment in you, your people and your life.”
- Chester Elton
New York Times Bestselling
Author of All In and Thee Carrot Principle
“At last! Major General Vincent E. Boles has taken the powerful message he delivers in speeches and put it in a book for all to read. 4-3-2-1 Leadership will inspire readers to action with simple yet powerful principles that are battle tested.”
- Tony D’Amelio
CEO and Founder Thee D’Amelio Network
“The concepts of teamwork and leadership don’t change, no matter if you are involved in a business team, the military, or a sports team. General Vincent Boles understands and does a great job of explaining the key factors that influence the functioning of your team. This book allows you to learn what took General Boles years of experience to gather as he rose through the ranks of the U.S. Army.”
- Karl Mecklenburg
Speaker and NFL All Pro