Our 45th President's Leadership, Key's to Watch For

Our 45th President's Leadership, Key's to Watch For

Tomorrow, is day 1 (according to Mr Trump) of the 45th President's first term. After all the protests and heat that's been generated about his election I'd offer 3 leadership "keys" that will give our nation's 300 Million citizens an indication at how effective a leader "number 45" will become for us.

The Transition from Campaigning to Managing: Effective 20 January 2017, Donald Trump's job title changed from "leader of a movement" to the constitutionally mandated CEO of the Federal Government's Executive Branch. That's over 2 million federal employees and the President's appointees serving in 15 cabinet agencies. After the energy and chants of the campaign have died down citizens at the grass roots have basic (but important) expectations. FEMA shows up at a disaster and helps, the TSA keeps passengers flowing, Social Security checks get deposited, The IRS mails out refunds, and someone picks up the phone at 3am in the Pentagon (when it's 9 am in Russia and noon in Afghanistan) and knows what to do. If the new administration struggles with the basics, we're going to be their "training aids" as the new team navigates up the "discovery learning curve". The longer that takes, the less of their vision will be achieved.

Who Stays: The Presidency is a lonely position and a stressful job and it's getting tougher to get and keep staff to help. For example, Jimmy Carter went through 22 cabinet secretaries in his 4 year term, Ronald Reagan had 3 different Chiefs of Staff in his second term. Most recently, President George W. Bush and President Obama had only one cabinet member who stayed the entire course with their President. If President Trump can keep a team together he'll be better postured to execute his vision. If the cabinet becomes a revolving door, he'll struggle.

Wait a Year: Reality has an inconvenient way of intruding on a President's plans. In my 33 years in the Army, 7 President's served as my "Commander in Chief" Here's how it unfolded for them in their first year:

  1. Ford: Nixon's Pardon, the fall of South Vietnam and the inflation crisis (anybody remember the "Whip Inflation Now" aka WIN buttons?)
  2. Carter: 8% unemployment, Gas lines (and no White House Chief of Staff for his first two years).
  3. Reagan: Assassination attempt that almost killed him.
  4. Bush 41: Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, Tiananmen Square protests and killings in Beijing; Fall of the Berlin Wall.
  5. Clinton: World Trade Center attack that killed 6 and injured over 1,000; Attack on our Soldiers in Mogadishu Somalia and the fiascoes of the White House travel office dust up and Whitewater investigations.
  6. Bush 43: US Navy P3 Spy Plane forced to land in China and the 9-11 attacks.
  7. Obama: Deal with an economy on the brink of depression, sent 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, GM files for bankruptcy; begin healthcare reform.

I can't predict what future will come at our 45th President and our nation. But it will and the true measure of his administration will be how he and his team handle the future as it breaks upon them. Pray for him, he's not "that man" anymore he's our President.

Time will tell, be patient and remember we're a blessed nation. More unites us than divides us.

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