Leadership is not checking off tasks on clipboard, it’s a connection built between leader and those they lead. It’s tested and proven when the heat is high, the pressure is on, and the outcome is uncertain. Those are the times teams turn to their leaders and when leaders are needed the most.

In 1976, armed with a commission as an Army 2d Lieutenant and a degree from Niagara University, this NY City son of Irish immigrants began his leadership journey.

In over 33 years of Army service and today leading his own consulting and coaching firm, Major General Boles developed his leadership skills and techniques in a number of challenging times. During his service he experienced; the reduction of active Army forces from 1 ½ million to less than 500,000 soldiers, the transition of the Army from a draftee force to a volunteer one, the end of the Cold War, Service in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Humanitarian operations at home and abroad, the response to the attacks of 9-11 and deployment to Iraq and support of the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan and their subsequent drawdowns. Each of these endeavors brought out the best in him and the teams entrusted to him.

Selected for promotion to General in 2000 his first assignment at that level was to manage the nation’s $28 billion ammunition life cycle, from research and development, storage, use to disposal. The assignments continued, 5 years as a Commanding General at home and abroad, in combat operations and in the training base and the Industrial base. His final assignment was in the Pentagon, overseeing Readiness and Distribution operations on the Army Staff.

The renowned German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel said “Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.” General Boles is one of those professionals, , studying his craft, getting our forces what they needed, when it was needed, wherever they needed it.

Vinny Boles didn’t just read a good book on leadership. He developed and refined his leadership on one of the toughest fields in the world and has written his own book “4-3-2-1 Leadership…What Americas Sons and Daughters Taught Me on the Road From 2d Lieutenant to 2 Star General”.

A leader who viewed his team, as he calls them “the national treasures entrusted to us” the greatest generation of this century; the men and women of the United States Army.

Now he travels the world sharing his talents and skills to help leaders and their teams and today we welcome him to share his message to ensure our “Best Gets Better”.

Soldier, Officer, Author, Corporate and Community Leader join me in a warm welcome.

Ladies and Gentlemen….Major General (Retired) Vincent E. Boles.