Vinny conducted over 50 presentations per year for the Army outreach program. A hit with audiences everywhere, civilians and Soldiers alike connect with his message as evidenced by their feedback:

Leading in Times Like These

“Amazing! What a great message and how he tied it all in from his military experiences to our industry.”

“Excellent. Such a captivating speaker.”

“Great speaker! Engaging and brought humor to the presentation as well which always helps maintain everyone's attention.”

“The best! What more can I say.”

“Vinny was great!!”

Leading in a Crisis

“Awesome presentation. Very practical and poignant, a dynamic speaker.”

“General Boles' comments were so relevant to business. Thank you for bringing him to speak.”

“Excellent, practical and believable. Great but simple ideas of working through systems and working with people. We need to see more of him.”

“Second time I’ve heard him; Still very powerful impact.”

“Our attendees were absolutely blown away by your presence, delivery, and most of all the content of your message.”

4-3-2-1 Leadership: 10 Tools to Use

“Your message was 'spot on.'”

“I am confident we are better prepared to anticipate and respond to our next crisis.”

“Our senior staff were each actively taking notes as you spoke.”

“I got the sense that you have been a valuable mentor to many subordinates.”

“I got some real chuckles, also had a few 'ah ha' moments."

Leadership at the Marshall Foundation Dinner: “There have always been 'Times like these'"

“I glanced over the critique sheets and he is drawing top marks across the board…He pulled it all together and made it personal. He was, to be honest, great!”

Logistics: “Leveraging the Links in your Supply Chain”

“As good as it can get on what could have been a dry subject.”

“Excellent, a very simple way to present a very complex topic. . . Outstanding coverage and discussion.”

“I couldn’t remember what half the other briefs were, but I remember his.”

“He made me want to join the Army.” [From a member of the U.S. Navy]

“Amazing and Powerful.”

“I loved it! . . . Love General Boles. He’s a great speaker!”

“General Vincent Boles exceeded my expectations.”

“Exceptional!!! Best content and theory I have ever seen, absolutely on the mark.”

“Presented very good information with real world experience and kept it light and interesting.”

“Wow. . .Supply Chain Practice and Universal applications are everywhere - Great speaker.”

Scanned Accolades:

The President of the United States
- Barrack Obama - see PDF "Click Here".
Edward Rusch, VP Marketing of Command Alkon - see PDF "Click Here".
President of the Alabama Broadcasters Association - Sharon M. Tinsley - see PDF "Click Here".
Donna DeClemente - Blogger of Donna's Promo Talk - see PDF "Click Here".
William Giroux - Executive VP - Truckload Carriers Association - see PDF "Click Here".
Jim Baich - COO & Executive VP - ADS - see PDF "Click Here".
Eileen MCDonnell - President & CEO - Penn Mutual - see PDF "Click Here".
Kellee Magee - Experience Architect - see PDF "Click Here".
Danette Campbell - Sr. Event Planner - American Century Investments - see PDF "Click Here".
Patrick Palmer - VP - American Century Investments - see PDF "Click Here".
Lisa Hallam - Management Planner - Advanced Drainage Systems - see PDF "Click Here".
Robert Dolibois - Executive VP - American Nursery & Landscape - see PDF "Click Here".
Jacqueline Hampton - Administrative Services Unit Manager - Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division - see PDF "Click Here".
SEI - Investments Executive Conference - see PDF "Click Here".
IDN Summit and Expo - see PDF "Click Here".
IDN Summit and Reverse Expo - see Letter "Click Here".
Luke Cavanagh - IKEA - Distribution Services - see Letter "Click Here".
Lydia Goessel - FICP - Letter of Reference - see Letter "Click Here".
Sarah H. Savage - Association of Leadership Professionals - see Letter "Click Here".
Sandra Lindstrom - VHA Inc. - see Letter "Click Here".
Cheryl Brimer - GHA - see Letter "Click Here".
Zebbra Green - Limestone County Schools - see Letter "Click Here".