What, How, Who...3 questions leaders must ask AND answer for their teams

“The fog in leadership today is too much information, too many options that distract leaders and teams from focusing and optimizing their performance. Bringing to bear his 4 decades of military and corporate leadership experience leadership in the toughest crucibles, he provides a critical tool for leaders to engage before they commit their teams to action. Specifically, "What, How, Who"

  • What is the Standard you are committing yourself and your team to attain? Getting to that shared understanding at all levels about what "Excellence" looks like up, down and across all levels of the organization.

  • How will the team attain that standard? What system/s will they employ? How you ensure they are ready to employ them? when (and when not to) micromanage your team.

  • Who is in charge of what pieces of the task/s that have to be done to standard. How leaders delegate and maintain accountability and focus (and a new way to end your meetings that makes this happen)
Audiences will leave with specific actions they can begin executing immediately to accomplish their toughest tasks today and be prepared for the greater challenges coming at them tomorrow. Using specific examples from his experiences as a world class logistician and leader, General Boles will set the conditions to ensure you and your team's "Best Gets Better"

Listen to the feedback on this presentation

  • "The 3 questions (What, How, Who) were a spot on, plus he showed how to gain the sense of your organizational climate."
  • "A great speaker, enthusiastic with an easy to understand lesson."
  • "He tied the discussion to the future leaders of 2030 and related his experiences to the ones we have now."
  • "Energetic, kept my attention, felt more like a conversation."
  • "His insights were specific, to the point, not the vague concepts typically discussed."
  • "Great sense of humor, he was crusty but in a good mentoring (not condescending) way."