Working With You . . .
Ensuring Your "Best Gets Better".

Leading teams (and yourself) is not just about doing your best. It's about getting better. If you're not better today than you were six months ago you're failing. And if you're not doing things today to get better you'll continue to struggle. Using his "battle tested" experience, Vinny will work with you and your team to help you be the best you can be.


6 Weeks before the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001, Major General Boles was a Colonel waiting to officially pin on his first star and assume command of the Nation’s War Reserve Stockpile. In an instant, the focus went from planning for the “worst thing” to executing the contingency operations that enabled the nation to respond, 24/7/365 around the world. You and your team will discuss:

  • What happens to an organization in a crisis? How is it “different”?
  • The impact of the crisis on; facilities, supply chains and your people
  • The impact on your leaders and how they need to “step up”…what “cues” must they give off?
  • How you set the conditions to prepare to absorb the crisis before it hits you
Full of “real world” examples, your team will leave with a common focus and a “we can do this” perspective. Better preparing your organization to be prepared and stay prepared.

Accolades for “Leading In A Crisis”:

  • “Awesome presentation, practical and poignant…a dynamic speaker”
  • General Boles’ comments were so relevant to business- thank you for bringing him”
  • “Excellent, practical, believable, great but simple ideas of working through systems and people. We need to see more of him”
  • "Our attendees were absolutely blown away by your presence, delivery and most of all the content of your message”

"Wholeheartedly recommend you to any future group looking for an 'all-in' energetic and intelligent keynote presentation from a friendly and polished speaker"

Joel Carson
Exec Director, Geo-Professional Business Association
"I get to look like a hero for having you on our program! Your leadership presentation is one of a kind and applicable to every facet of life and business"

Sharon Tinsley
President Alabama Broadcasters Association
"Especially appreciate you taking the time to understand the challenges faced by the Secret Service and tailoring your presentation to meet our needs"

Joseph Clancy
Director, United States Secret Service

"General Boles, I could listen to you all day!"

Paul Finebaum
The Paul Finebaum Show ESPN Radio and the SEC Network

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